Earned 293% Increase in Leads for Accountant (on a Shoestring Budget)

1. Background

Our client is an accountant with his own small business. When he came to Your Web Pal, he already had a keen interest in digital marketing and had worked with one of the UK’s best known marketers. His website was earning 2,894 visitors per month when we started working together.

2. Objective

Our client had already done some basic online marketing with a previous SEO agency but concluded that they were just “okay”. He came to Your Web Pal for help, but he could only afford to invest a relatively small amount. Our challenge was getting results on a much smaller budget than we’d normally recommend.

The above graph shows that the number of people coming to our client’s website via Google searches has increased over time. 

3. Strategy

Due to the limited budget, we could only afford to work on one element of our client’s website at a time. We started by optimising the website for search engines then moved onto link building. Eventually, we were forced to pause our link building work while we worked on a site redesign. When the site redesign was finished in the last few months of 2018, we were able to move some of our budget back to link building. This approach allowed us to carry out work on the website as needed without going over budget. 

  • Keyword research is an essential first step for any online marketing work. We looked at the different words and phrases that our client’s potential customers were using when searching for an accountant online. This was also an invaluable exercise in helping us plan our blog content.
  • We periodically ran technical audits on our client’s website and fixed any errors which we spotted. This enabled us to keep the website in the best possible shape for earning new customers.
  • We carried out a link building strategy which helped increase the domain authority

The above graph shows that our client’s website has ranked in a better position and for a larger number of Google searches over time.

3. Package

As a small business, our client didn’t have much left at the end of the month to invest in SEO. So all of our SEO work for this client was done on a shoestring budget. Results were slower than they could’ve been with a larger budget, but whatever the budget, we find a way to maximise the efficiency of the work we’re doing. In the last two months, the client decided to increase their marketing spend and upgrade to our Standard SEO Package

4. Results

Our client went from 2,894 visitors in the month that he joined Your Web Pal to a new record of 7,429 visitors. 

  • We increased the number of visitors to the website by 156%.
  • We increased the number of people coming to the website via Google searches by 293%.
  • We increased the number of people requesting a consultation with our client by 31%.

The above graph shows that the number of people visiting our client’s website has grown since we started working together.

This client has, on record, said that his “experience with Your Web Pal has been great… the people are very, very friendly and very down to earth… and the results over time have really, really grown”.

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